How to get to the Dhamma Pallava for the Course

Please be in the Dhamma Pallava by 5.00pm. If it is not possible, please contact us.


Please make all your travel arrangements before the course starts.You will not be able to use your internet devices until after the end of the course. There is no Internet access for course participants at the Center available (even after the end of the course).


Dhamma Pallava address:

Dhamma Pallava, Vipassana Meditation Centre,

Dziadowice 3a

62-709 Malanów


51°59'21.8"N 18°20'04.2"E, 63-233, Poland


Dhamma Pallava on the map






1. By car


This is the most convenient way to get to the Centre. There is no public transportation directly to the Centre.

You can find us on Google Maps by typing 'Dhamma Pallava' in the browser.

You can leave your car in the fenced parking slot.  Please park in the designated spaces only.

If you are coming by car and have free places in the car please don’t forget to help other participants by offering a lift. To do so subscribe on ourRideshare Board.


 2. Rideshare

If you would like to get a lift or you are travelling by car and can offer someone a lift please use our Rideshare Board.

If you want to get to someplace near the center (e.g. Turek, Konin, Kalisz), and come from there to the center by taxi, you can make an appointment with someone to share the cost of the taxi ride. In this case, on the Rideshare Board in the 'Location' field, enter the town name and the information that you would like to chip in for a taxi ride cost.

Please note that we do not contact the participants regarding shared transportation.



3. By public transport


You will reach the surrounding towns by public transport. Closest to the center is the town of Turek.

There are many buses from Konin to Turek.
There are direct trains to Konin from Warsaw, Poznań and other big cities. There is also a direct train from Berlin to Konin.
There are direct long-distance buses to Poznań or Warsaw from many European cities. There are many connections between Warsaw / Poznań and Konin.

Some helpful links:

Railway and bus connections in Poland
Tickets and rail connections in Poland
International bus connections

People travelling from many Polish cities can use the transport offered by Hoper – The bus stops in front of the Center (note: you need to book a seat in advance).


4. Shuttle service organized by Vipassana centre 


Every course on Day 0, transfers are organized to the center from the PKS Bus Station in Turek, which is located near the Karuzela shopping center. Dhamma Pallava operates a Taxi with the signboard “VIPASSANA” behind the windshield.

The departure times for transfers are at 1.30 p.m., 3.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m.

The cost of a single passenger trip is PLN 30 (approx. EUR 7) payable to the driver. Please have the amount deducted. There is no need to book seats in advance. If all seats in the car are occupied, the driver will come back and make an additional ride.


5. Arrival by taxi

Price for a taxi with seats for 1-4 people is PLN 80 from Turek (approx. EUR 19), from Konin PLN 200 (approx. EUR 48), from Kalisz PLN 250 (approx. EUR 60), from Poznań PLN 800 (approx. EUR 190), from Warsaw PLN 1000 (approx. 238 EUR).

Contact to the company that agreed to such an arrangement: Taxi Tomek, Tel. +48 601 773 863

Other taxi companies in Turek: +48 607 604 979; +48 888 446 887; +48 601 695 439

You can share the cost of arriving at the center by taxi with others. To do this, use the Rideshare Board - in the 'Location' field, enter the town name and the information that you would like to chip in for a taxi ride cost.



6. Old students coming for setup


We can not guarantee that the pickup will be possible. If not - please take a taxi.

Confirm your arrival for setup with Registration. Please arrive between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon or between 3:40 pm and 6:00 pm. If you are unable to arrive during these hours, please contact the centre prior to arrival.


7. By air


The closest airports are in Poznań and Warsaw. There are local buses/trains from airports to the main railway station in these cities. 



Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to your confirmation email (optionally you can also call us at  +48 505 830 915 or write to [email protected]).